Dear Friends,

We are small group of psychiatrists in Los Angeles, CA that donated our time and energy to create this beautiful film that shares our individual stories.  It is our hope that through this film we will be able to reduce the stigma of mental illness and demystify the role of the psychiatrist so the general public could see psychiatrists as the human beings that we are.  The participants in the film (interviewers and interviewees) did not take any kind of compensation in the creation of this film. We all share the same desire to create an educational film for the general public to promote awareness about psychiatry. We will be entering the documentary in various film festivals so it will not be available to the general public for now.  However, when the film becomes available on DVD, we will announce it on our website.  Additionally, we will be showing it at various professional conferences throughout California and nationwide.  This year, we showed it at the American Psychiatric Association's Annual Conference and the California Psychiatric Society's Annual Conference and were overwhelmed and touched by the support of our colleagues.  We thank you so much for all of your support and hope that you will follow our blog as the journey of our documentary unfolds!


The Art of Psychiatric Medicine Committee